Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phantom Regiment 2011 Show: Verdi, Mozart & Wagner Stand Out in Repertoire

Released about a month ago at, Phantom Regiment's 2011 show will be titled "Juliet."

East of Eden, by Lee Holdridge
Requiem, by Giuseppe Verdi
Requiem, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us), by Nino Rota
Romeo & Juliet, by Sergei Prokofiev
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral (from Lohengrin), by Richard Wagner

Staying true to their guns, Phantom Regiment is playing a Classics heavy show, including parts of both Giuseppe Verdi's and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem masses. These will certainly help to set the tone and mood for the entire show.

It also appears that Phantom Regiment will also use Richard Wagner's piece from Lohengrin "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral," which has long been a traditional piece for the corps.

Phantom Regiment tends to do well when they reach into their vaults and pull out pieces important to the tradition and history of the corps. (See "Spartacus")

Rumor has it that Phantom Regiment will also be rockin' their solid black uniforms. In 1996 Phantom Regiment shared 1st place with the Blue Devils performing "A Defiant Heart," the music of Dmitri Shostakovich - also while wearing their black uniforms.

The story of Juliet, of course from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," is among the greatest pieces of the tragic romance genre. It is rich with dark content perhaps lending Phantom Regiment to feature their black uniforms for the show.

You can catch Phantom Regiment at these dates over the 2011 Summer season. If you go be sure to catch them in the lot before the perform. Phantom Regiment's hornline warming up in the parking lot is an experience you won't soon forget.

Phantom Regiment Tour Dates Summer 2011


Sat, 6/18/11 Saginaw, TX
Sun, 6/19/11 Round Rock, TX
Tue, 6/21/11 Albuquerque, NM
Wed, 6/22/11 Mesa, AZ
Fri, 6/24/11 Clovis, CA
Sat, 6/25/11 Stanford, CA
Sun, 6/26/11 Stockton, CA
Tue, 6/28/11 Atascadero, CA
Fri, 7/1/11 San Diego/Vista, CA
Sat, 7/2/11 Walnut, CA
Sun, 7/3/11 Riverside, CA
Wed, 7/6/11 Salt Lake City, UT
Fri, 7/8/11 Loveland, CO
Sat, 7/9/11 Denver, CO
Sun, 7/10/11 Omaha, NE
Wed, 7/13/11 Sioux Falls, SD
Sat, 7/16/11 Minneapolis, MN
Sun, 7/17/11 Rockford, IL
Mon, 7/18/11 Lebanon, IL
Tue, 7/19/11 Van Buren, AR
Thu, 7/21/11 Denton, TX
Fri, 7/22/11 Houston, TX
Sat, 7/23/11 San Antonio, TX
Mon, 7/25/11 Lafayette, LA
Wed, 7/27/11 Hattiesburg, MS
Fri, 7/29/11 Murfreesboro, TN
Sat, 7/30/11 Atlanta, GA
Sun, 7/31/11 Charlotte, NC
Tue, 8/2/11 Charleson, WV
Fri, 8/5/11 Allentown, PA
Sun, 8/7/11 TBA, NJ
Tue, 8/9/11 Massillon, OH
Thu, 8/11/11 Indianapolis, IN
Fri, 8/12/11 Indianapolis, IN
Sat, 8/13/11 Indianapolis, IN
Sun, 8/14/11 Banquet - Indianapolis, IN

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  1. In large venues like ATL how do you find out where the horn line and or drumline warms up? There is alot of space and I couldn't find them last year